Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro / Win i8552 duos In Depth Review – iGyaan

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We review Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy Grand Quattro aka Galaxy Win with Quad Core Chipset and Dual sim capabilities. Check out our ne…


sandeep singla says:


kimi chawla says:

which phone i should buy

nokia lumia 720 or
samsung grand quattro???
do reply!!!!

joshi jacob says:

Samsung galaxy grand Quattro vs Samsung galaxy s3

Nikhil Ghade says:


Saurav Kar says:

can anybody tell what is the avg market price of galaxy win. Pleaseee!!!

chavdar dohnev says:

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Abin S Plathottam says:

which is better? Quattro or core or xperia l???? plzz help

Rasish Subedi says:

I will cry, never happen,,, heheh..ok then what should i get.. ??

JMemini8 says:

S3 and s4 sucks. My friend bought S4 recently and now he has problem most of the time hangs and needs to open the s4 without sim and sdcard to booth after that it will hangs again. Good thing i bought the win duos.

JMemini8 says:

Yeah you are right kropotkin888, i bought the galaxy win duos and i am happy with this device specially the screen it is so clear. And performance so nice i can run most of games that high in resolution without problem.

kropotkin888 says:

s3 got many problem, u will cry if u get it.

Rasish Subedi says:

thanx.. but i’m planning to get s3..

kropotkin888 says:

G win for sure, s3 mini lag and slow, my friend sold her s3 mini and switch to quattro and she is happy with it.

kropotkin888 says:

not true, battery dont even drop 1% in standby mode.

Yashu chhikaraa says:

No I have it.It is butterly smooth

Pavan Kumar says:

help me grand quattro or grand duos

Soumodip Sil says:

Does the phone hangs?
I am hearing that grand hanhs many times..
Is this true?

wtrdogg20 says:

Does the screen features scratch resistance?

JMemini8 says:

How is the battery? I heard its 1 percent every 5 minutes decreasing even in standby mode, is this true? Please let me know i am planning to buy this. Thanks

viju modak says:

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chaitanya bahunadham says:

Simply suprb.u r fluency & accent was good.keep up the best.

Rasish Subedi says:

thanx.. but why are u laughing ??

Emanuel Sagrilo de Carvalho says:

Win!!! Cause Win has a quad core processor with 1.2 ghz and 1GB memory RAM! But the resolution on s3 mini is a little bit better.. Although Galaxy Win wins hahah :D

Rasish Subedi says:

s3 mini or win ?? anyone

vishnus679 says:

Pixel density is the only problem i think

Manav Gupta says:

Does it have a notification led

Daa Vee says:

Anybody wants this phone Brand New in exactly 15k send me a msg…in mumbai only!

raj khan says:

go to apk to download it free

Paramjeet Singh says:

plz give review of htc desire xds

letztalk86 says:

teri maa ka bhosdaa aatankvaadi!

sai krishnan says:

if any one wnts to root it check out my channel on how to root it

Avik Shoutay says:

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ahmed khaldoon says:

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Ayush Pandey says:

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Imran ASHIQ ALI says:

Third class and worst research video. Most important point not covered, which is 7.2 Mbps Download, 5.76 Mbps Upload for 3G, which is very very bad for VIDEO CALLING, specially SKYPE. NO SCREEN PROTECTION, point not covered. Only says positive comments, not highlighting weak points.

Rajeev Chandran says:

Does it have a S pen?

Lavi Komra says:

recently i purchase galaxy grand Quattro it is a good phone at this price range,but it has dual sim with micro sim not mini’s doesn’t support 720p videos play.I suggests if size is not important GALAXY S ADVANCE is good phone at low price below 14000/- rs

TheWizardcomputer33 says:

Does this phone have Google now ?

JP Garmay says:

its an a5 chip

Rahul Shetty says:

thank u frnds… i ordered it from flipkart…. nw waiting for the original samsung flip cover..

encorewane says:


Tarani Pavanpraneeth says:

hi, Rahul dis is pavan from guntur. myself mobile hardware… samsung screen is very bright then campare to the other screen any brands like htc, and sony and many more samsung tft screen is very good and amoled is very good………… samsung……………………

Tarani Pavanpraneeth says:

hi, dis is pavan from guntur……….. myself mobile hardware u like samsung r nokia. if u see lumia 822 very good phone but 1800k………. 4g lte network……. very in ur hand its looks very cool…………………………my email id

Tarani Pavanpraneeth says:

hi, dis is pavan. from guntur…………… myself mobile hardware……. ok….. lot of difference between these two mobiles. like price,features,screen size, camera and many more…………….. first u think like big phone in ur hand was good and small phone in ur hand good think………. both phone are good………………. thanks dis is my mail id

John Anock says:

Grand quattro is better phone in spec than desire X. Samsung scores in RAM, front cam…

Shreyash Singh says:

instead of Samsung go for xperia L really the best phone in this segment…. it has sony exmor sensor camera and nfc…

H Aparajita Mannava says:

i wont call myself a premium smartphone holder but i’m using ipod touch 4g ever since its release. now thats pretty much like have an iphone

Rahul Shetty says:

I am confused between grand quattro and htc desire x…plz suggest..??

Aayush Choudhary says:

FYI its not 720p its 480p 1280×720 is 720p

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