HTC Butterfly S Vs. HTC One

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FaceBook: Official Website: A full comparison between the HTC One and the HTC Butterfly S! P…

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rhinnawi95 says:

I say Butterfly S because of the 3200mAh battery and removable microSD card. I also like the menu/multitasking button and colours. Both are amazing phones with exceptional build quality, though

Chanuka Liyanage says:

butterfly s lacks infrared sensor well……anyboby places the tv at walking distance right so theres no deal about it…pixels above 400 no one can see thats not a big deal too….caus 5inch dispays can usually carry 441 ppi, while 4.7 inch displays carry aroung 468 ppi no big deal either….

Andro Nuhanovic says:

I have htc one and for me htc one is best phone ever
i had iphone 4s but i hate iphons ! iphons are toooooo boooorrrrrriinnnng and simple!!!!!

anthony kai says:

htc one better : display and he’s look :p

Anthony Enemuo says:

Is the butterfly 2 still aluminum?

iEvoss says:

htc one got it 

aztecadeoro90 says:

HTC one

eddy palmer says:

it has same cpu 1.5 what are they talking about, and the one is way nicer im upgrading to that.

Cango Verdes says:


Yan Is says:

The Butterfly S is one sweet device.But I’m voting for HTC One cos I’m using the superb phone :)

Husani Bagamba says:

HTC Butterfly S – The New #1 Smartphone

Jamaal R says:

HTC one

feras almogbel says:

#my_opinion is the decision will be made between;

(battery and sd slot) or (design and more internal storage)

about the screen I think no matter deference between 4.7 and 5 except the size of the phone itself. also, the resolution between 468 or 441 I’m sure it can’t be noticeable!
my vote is to butterfly s ..

badshah4u says:

Retard S4 is the number one selling smartphone so its number 1 OK noob

Hayden Smith says:

I hope the name changes if it goes out of Asia

saynothingass says:

I love the HTC one but that phone is sickk well I guess I still have the number one phone (HTC One)

Minesh Popat says:

Ordered the One last night…. Only advantage is the battery life. I doubt this is going to come to the UK anyway.

gobblefunk X says:

HTC promised to update more and release less phones less frequently

rodbtelenetbe says:

I’m at the point to buy a one today until I heard the butterfly news… so I decided to buy Samsung instead…. I hope more customers react this way. HTC is playing with our money. I have no trust in them anymore. Ticks HTC for this bad joke and customers unfriendly way of selling high end products every month a new phone…. update to one and stop treating customers as dirt

Varun Narendra says:

HTC one rules lol I am watching this on n HTC one

seikailu says:

Butterfly S would be the most powerful smartphone

Karam Folfol says:

HTC one IS the number One

Сергей Гермашев says:

what kind of music?

Dani Draganov says:

Htc one max will be the same like htc one ,just larger display

bryanchou says:

HTC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonas Wondollek says:

The One and only…

Sonny Jacob Lee says:

Butterfly S also has IR Blaster… FYI.

小資 女孩 says:

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Joseph Sasi Adari says:

any info about optical image stabilization in butterfly s ?

KonstiKonsti99 says:


Jan Michael says:

yeah its embarrassing

johnortez92 says:

Lol the HTC one “max” comes later this year It’s like a bigger and better HTC one

Chatchai Pureepokin says:

I vote to Htc one having a great aluminum material

DerakuJin says:

Wtf htc stop making a phone every few months people can’t decide like this stop making knock offs and stick to one phone every 1-2 years your becoming greedy

Luis Alberto Gálvez says:

How can u compare a phone that its not even out? Genius

Shawn Tuitt says:

Htc one!

IAmGoombaSniper says:

The Butterfly S is absolutely perfect which makes me even more excited to get the official specs on the One Max! HTC is going to continue rising.

VIPlaBRE says:

Why not both?

Ali Omerspahic says:

@Totaltechwar; i have a suggestion: For voting make the video and comment the phone’s name and ask to like the comment for the best phone/product

Ali Omerspahic says:

Nice video editting. Both amazing phones, i will have to say HTC butterfly S is better, but i wish it had some features that the One has, like more PPI, Stabilization recording, 32gb internal memory, 4G, infra-red sensor.
But in the end the Butterfly S is better

waldomarek says:

i already have the htc one (way before butterfly s was announced)… so i don’t have to choose anymore, but if i had to choose, it would’ve been a very hard choice. i would’ve looked at the price probably.

James Eun says:

Butterfly s doesn’t support 4G LTE

Sloan Douglas says:

Thats a recent apps button lol

jiajun chen says:

Butterfly S please !!!

TST1382 says:

Butterfly S

drdre251 says:

wrong again !

P. Oliver says:

background muzik iz fire!

Senuoy Younes says:

Fuck You Htc , I want an Htc Butterfly S with higher ppi and aliminuim :(

deeyelipz says:

Damn you HTC, I got the One hoping it would be their main focus device! So updates would be getting quicker ota! Now I just feel bamboozled!

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